A Great Crew To Brew Coffee and Ideas


The one and only founder and all around Badass of BE World. A coffee freak with a creative mind constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas. He wouldn’t mind his team having fun (Shh..But only after work) He has one motto in store for all of us-  “Work with passion and not by force”


We hired him to go over the books of our company but he always go ahead of books and end up in a mess. He always make sure that we get a bang to the buck for the work we’ve done. All things unnecessary is his thing. His memory is like Bermuda triangle, information goes in and is never found again.


Jaseela loves problem-solving, always learning new and improved ways of doing things, and is known to be very thorough-all qualities that put her in good stead as a Client service executive. She has a unique ability to convince clients and translate the message into valuable work. When she is not at work, you’ll find her buried away in her latest painting or handcrafting work because she also loves making stuff out of anything.  


The youngest of BE Fam, this little, stubborn girl is seen glued to her Mac book 24*7. She puts her blood, sweat and tears into achieving her goals. A strong pillar of BE, she is also the nightingale of our world (Confidently the wrong lyrics though). She is fearless in the pursuit of her dreams just like the dream catcher she makes. Her morning routine starts with a Hi to instagram, which is then followed by the clients. Don’t be surprised if you hear people close to her yelling because, she is always ready for a combat with her tooth or nails.


In the early days of her career, she worked for UAE’s leading newspaper Gulf News as an advertising controller. Juliette excels in evaluating the needs of business and creating innovative marketing strategies and media plans for different brands. She is known for striving excellence and having a thorough understanding of the whole picture when it comes to media planning and buying. When not in front of the computer, you’ll likely find her spending time with her 2 kids at home.


Nonstop talking and logic focused, Lamiya has a keen interest in HR and marketing. She brings an extraordinary level of energy and creativity into everything she does. She loves to be challenged to think ‘outside the box’ and use creative and strategic ideas to explore, learn, and adapt. It’s important for Lamiya that she leaves office by 5.45 most days because she is that employee who can’t wait to end her day. (Kidding) She runs to take tuition for her neighboring children.


Sheethal is a natural ‘people person’ ensuring she is constantly aware of how she makes other people feel making her a perfect addition to our team. Seeing a world of opportunity at BE, Sheethal continues to drive value time and time again for clients with an amazing level of dedication and the ability to manage every project like a pro despite all difficulties of being a 2-year old’s mommy.

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