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A Great Crew To Brew Coffee and Ideas

Vaishakh Manojkumar

The one and only founder and all around Badass of BE World. A coffee freak with a creative mind constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas. He wouldn’t mind his team having fun (Shh..But only after work) He has one motto in store for all of us-  “Work with passion and not by force”


He is the one who always looks like his mind is on another planet. His passion is much more than sitting in-front of a computer and convert ideas to a beautiful design. A relentless drive to learn new things. Great food and constant push are both key to keeping him enthusiastic about designing.


We hired him to go over the books of our company but he always go ahead of books and end up in a mess. He always make sure that we get a bang to the buck for the work we’ve done. All things unnecessary is his thing. His memory is like Bermuda triangle, information goes in and is never found again.


The youngest of BE Fam, this little, stubborn girl is seen glued to her Mac book 24*7. She puts her blood, sweat and tears into achieving her goals. A strong pillar of BE, she is also the nightingale of our world (Confidently the wrong lyrics though). She is fearless in the pursuit of her dreams just like the dream catcher she makes. Her morning routine starts with a Hi to instagram, which is then followed by the clients. Don’t be surprised if you hear people close to her yelling because, she is always ready for a combat with her tooth or nails.


She speaks fluent sarcasm and we all love that! She cracks hilarious knee slapper that are clean enough for the whole team to laugh out loud. She doesn’t let awkwardness creep in our conference room, rather she take the lead and initiate topic for discussion. (Rambling about everything under sun) Half of her day goes talking on phone (Busy with clients). Her past experience as an event manager always bring a fresh perspective to the table.









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