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Unfolding BE Fables

People often ask us where the name BE World came from. Well, let me explain -

It was back in 1989, when Homer Sinsons predicted on the forthcoming of a swanky media hub to accomplish the impossible for clients. He claimed that this future endeavour will take the media industry by storm. He also referred to this as the eighth wonder of the world. ( And he actually wondered why? ) Well, actually that's not true. There's no funny story or clever spin on the name, it just popped up one day and we loved it !


A humble beginning as an event management company , back in 2012 under the guise of ' BRAND EVENTS ' and the subsequent sky rocket in business led us setting our sights on something bigger in the marketing domain. Brand Events became BE World in the year 2016 and a swanky full services marketing and media agency came into the being. Although we set off on this expedition recently our company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

" Small ideas never have big impressions and we are in the business of big impressions "



logo copy.png

The timeless love for the brand we evolved is the reason we did not want to change our older logo. This is absolutely why we wanted to open Brand Events to a wider World, which in turn gave way to BE World. We designed the B and E to be an ambigram. As the term suggests, we may have different perspectives but we work as one towards our goals. The callout in the logo represent that we are only a call away for all your needs. The beats or sin waves represent the passion and heart that we put into our work to make it remarkable.


It was in 2017, we decided to come out of the box and open our World to a mass. We wanted to represent ourselves as a brand and have a brand identity. We redesigned our logo retaining B and E as an ambigram but giving our world much more prominence.

Final BEWORLD LOGO 2018.png

In 2018 we were headed for something like an icon or symbol that was iconic to the ideals that were core for the business. Though short lived, as the logo had made way through another brand by the time this was conceptualised, the logo meant to symbolise a lot of things. A B-2 Stealth Bomber being one of them. It meant to symbolise that the concepts we made intended to hit the market like a bomb and the other being that of a boomerang which circled from us to the clients and back.


New_Logo-01 copy.png

It was in 2019 finally after a deep thought going in, we set in for the logo that we think will pave the way for our successful Journey. The logo as you see represents infinity but through the eyes of BE World. It’s the blend of B and E together to form the new logo, just like our team which connects the dots across all media.


Infinite number of coffee, infinite work, infinite creativity and infinite services are brewed together to form our small yet powerful world. We have retained the orange to show our energetic and ever peppy side and the hue of black to show our darker side. If you know what we mean (pun intended).

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